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When Susan Kallander was five her family moved to a farm in Southborough, Massachusetts where she lived until she finished Massachusetts College of Art in Boston and was married. Growing up with 85 acres of field and forest to roam gave her confidence in exploring the outdoors and her curiosity drove her to poke into and peel away layers of the natural world. Painting outside is her favorite place to be and even in the winter she may be found in her car in a sunny warm spot doing a watercolor. When she can't be out she paints still lifes of fruits and vegetables mixing them up with favorite objects such as copper pots for color and reflection, fabric for texture and drape and glass for reflective color and crispness. The favored media is oil, watercolor and pastel; pastel for speed and intensity, watercolor for translucency and portability and oil for forgiveness. Though art is created in the left side of the brain her balanced thought process tends to make her paint with a logical mind. She will use what ever is handy for a plumb line to ensure verticals are true and the light source is consistent in shadows and reflections. Objects need to look grounded. She conveys her happy attitude and subject matter that looks full of life and vibrant with color such as plump vegetables, babbling brooks. The opposite is true in her architectural paintings because she prefers buildings that show the character of age and use.

Ms. Kallander also studied at The DeCordova Musem School in Lincoln, MA accumulating credits toward a Master's Degree. Artists with whom she has studied or has been influenced by: Carleton Plummer AWS, Prof. Carl Smaltz, AWS, and Loring Coleman, AWS.  Short list of favorite illustrators: Jessie Willcox Smith, Howard Pyle, Dore, Maxfield Parrish, N.C.Wyeth and Arthur Rackham.


Godfrey Finds a Home By Susan Kallander

A kitten was rescued clinging to a tree in the meadow by the farmer's wife. Her mother, Mrs. B, adopted him and named him Godfrey. He visits the farm often and has fun watching the men gather the vegetables from the fields and prepare them for the farmers' market in the city. He sees the men also fill the CSA boxes for the Community Supported Agriculture members. Godfrey goes on a trip to deliver the boxes to the members and their kids. The kids love to choose vegetables from the 'extras' selection.
This is the first in the series about Godfrey and his travels and mischief.

Up in Smoke By Susan Kallander and Larry Boomgaarden

If you’ve ever wondered what it was like to live in “the good old days,” join this family reunion that is held every few years in Minnesota to harvest oats on the family farm. All the chores are accomplished in the same way they were done in the days of their grandparents and great grandparents.

Up in Smoke is a children’s book about one August reunion, as told through the eyes of a child. Fun games and farm animals keep the children busy, while their parents do the threshing with steam tractors. Everybody loves the wonderful farm-fresh food prepared for the 200 participants as well as the evening dances, where music is provided by the family band.

Everyone is sad when it’s time to pack up and leave. This book is a snapshot of a loving family get-together that creates memories for a lifetime.

Meet the Authors

Authors Susan Kallander and Larry Boomgaarden share their memories of Americana. Susan is a New Englander of Swedish descent who recently married into Larry’s Midwestern family. When he asked her to write and illustrate a story about his special family reunions held in Southern Minnesota, Susan agreed. She wanted to create a children’s book with old-fashioned values. Her illustrations for the book are done in watercolor. A graduate of Massachusetts College of Art, her paintings are on online at the Kallander Art Gallery.

To purchase an autographed book call (209) 499-6198 or email skallander@gmail.com. Price: $13.00, shipping included. Regular copies available at Amazon.com.

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